Sunday, March 7, 2010

2010 Academy Awards - Best Dressed

So nice I posted her twice! My wife Zoe Saldana bringing it. She looks beautiful and yet still took a major risk in this gown.

Cameron Diaz looks so wonderful!

I am proud of Miley Cyrus, I know a lot of people disklike her but I feel she is a tough young thing just making her way in Hollywood. She is far from perfect but she always looks great at these events!

2010 Academy Awards - The Successful Risk Takers

I really like her dress. I am choosing to ignore her hair and make up.

I quite like this.

Bold print.

Freaking love her. I was SO impressed with her in Inglorious Basterds, I am glad she is getting the recognition.

2010 Academy Awards - Unoriginal

Both Dresses look similar and are ill fitting.

Deborah Ann Woll at the 2010 Academy Awards.

Blake Lively bursting in her dress at the 2009 Golden Globes

2010 Academy Awards - Dress Your Age.

Nicole Richie has sorely dissappointed me this evening.

Anna Kendrick once again has missed the mark. She needs to dress her age. This dress is for an older woman. Sigh...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So Pretty

Kate Bosworth last night at a Chanel party. She always looks so sweet and feminine. I am digging her style. I saw her at the Waverly Inn once. She is so tiny...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammys 2010- I'm feeling hateful

I hated this look. I know lots of people like the dress but I think it is awful. I hate her hair color and I hate the earrings. Sorry Beyonce! I do love you but you failed me tonight.

Grammys 2010- What is this?

Grammys 2010 - Ummm

Gross. Are you seeing what I am seeing?

Grammys 2010

I am impressed with what I have seen tonight at the Grammys. Some women look simply beautiful and others look glamorous with a nice amount of risk taking and edge grazing.

I never paid much attention to Keri Hilson but her face is really pretty and I really really like the dress. It fits nicely and the color is magic against her skin.
Lea Michele has really been impressing me lately. Even though I thought her black dress at the Emmys wasn't very original. She looked amazing at the SAGs and now wonderful at the Grammys. The dress is beautiful, sexy and still fun. Perfect for her age too.

This is a crazy dress but I still think it is pretty.

Taylor Swift is a little too syrupy sweet for my liking. But I thought she looked excellent in her blue dress.

Wow J Lo. She is trying to come back hard. She looks incredible. The long thing in front is weird but its the Grammys, beautiful weirdness is allowed and encouraged!

I think in my life I have been very hard on Fergie. I am softening up on her. She really works hard and seems to be married to a cad. Anyway she looked great in her little blue dress. These famous women have bodies to kill.
Another beauty I never pay attention to is Ciara. Her face is flawless.
Is it strange that I am fond of this Givenchy? On her at least. I would never wear it but I like it on her.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Queen of Glam Casual Chic

You know who I think has great personal style? Nicky Hilton. She always looks stylish and current in well fitting clothes with clean lines. What I like about her is that her clothes aren't really that complicated but she puts them together in a very modern, almost edgy way. I can tell you where she bought almost everything she is wearing below which shows they aren't crazy and obscure brands and that makes her relateable to me. But she takes it to another level with the way that she styles herself. Please note how she always carries a SERIOUS bag.

Sick boots, Balenciaga motorcycle bag.
So simple and so chic in just three great pieces. A dress, bag and shoes.
I LOVE this look below. So simple and yet glam. I could NEVER pull it off. Casual glam: White shirt, jean shorts, Hermes belt, Louboutin ankle boots.

Casual Glam. White tee, jeans and oh yea, a Goyard Bag.
Obviously carrying a jumbo Chanel with her tank and washed jeans.

Simple and pretty. Great color!

This is one of her more complicated ensembles. By complicated I mean I can count more than four things on her. Usually she never wears more than four pieces, meaning the dress, bag, shoes and maybe a sweater. Or top, bottom, shoes and bag. Below she has way more than usual. But still adorable, no?

Back to the simple four piece look. Love the Louboutin boots.

She is the Queen of casual glam with her Hermes bag.
My favorite shots of her are the paparazzi shots as she carries on with her day because I feel they give the best glimpse of her taste and personal style.

Quite Impressive

Kate Bosworth looked adorable at an event in LA recently. I really love this dress. The silhouette is flattering, the color is soft and it fits her perfectly. I think it would look nice on a lot of people both thin and curvy. So cute! I love her hair pulled back too.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Sorry I am on a 90's supermodel kick today. It's just that I grew up watching Style with Elsa Klensch on CNN International in the 90's. This is where I discovered my love and obsession with fashion and the models of that era stomped into my heart. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when today I see photos of them still looking AMAZING.

Below are photos of Elle McPhereson jogging or walking home after dropping her kids off at school in London on three seperate occasions.

Sleek. I always love her hair.

Here she is riding a bike in the summer. Staying active and youthful.

That's how she stays so fit. After two kids!

Say what you will about Kelly Killoren Bensimon but she looks incredible for a 40 something year old mother of two. Gilles Bensimon certainly has a type...

What's Going On?

Below are photos from backstage at fashion week in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The models look like Holocaust victims from Schindler's List. I say that without a hint of sarcasm. How is this beautiful? Doesn't the word "model" imply a standard? A paragon of perfection? The image below is not perfect. It is ugly. It is sad and disgusting. Where have we gone as people that this is now acceptable? That people in the industry, agents, photographers, stylists and designers have mandated that this is how models should look?

I do believe that models should be thin and the clothes look better on thin women. But the models above are starving. Clothes do not look good on women who look like they are sick and sad. I don't think seeing bones through the material looks nice.

Look at the supermodels of the 90's below. They were my idols growing up. They were thin but they don't look like they were starving (though they might have been). They do not look sick.

Photos of Gisele below. She is absolutely thin in these pics. But she does not look sick.

This post is not about young girls and how emaciated models may give them an eating disorder. No, this is about how fashion is supposed to be about beauty and an ideal. The skeletal models are not beautiful and should not represent the ideal for that fact alone. What kind of people are allowing this epidemic to go on? People who do not like women. The more these types of skeletons show up on runways the more we should examine the people who are perpetuating that standard. No more focus should be put on the models who are literally dying to make a living. The spotlight should be shone on the people who are hiring them. Silently demanding that they DIE for fashion.


The first time I ever saw Iman was on the cover of Hello! Magazine that featured her wedding to David Bowie. I had no idea who the two of them were. It was the year 1992 and I was a ten year old girl living in Nigeria. I found the magazine in the home of some family friend's of ours that were subscribers. Usually the covers were about European Aristocrats and Royalty. I never really knew who a lot of the people were but loved the pictures of beautiful people surrounded by beautiful things in beautiful places.

The arresting cover and 19 page spread took my breath away. I remember thinking she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen and wanted to know everything about this glamorous African supermodel goddess. Iman wore a form fitting Herve Leger dress (don't mess with the supermodels of the 90's, of course she wore Herve Leger), opera gloves and held a bouquet of white starburst lillies. Look at the way he is looking at her below. He knows what he has. (See previous post "Beauty and the Beast.")She wore no veil and allowed her hair to cascade down her back with soft tendrils framing her face.

I am so proud that almost 18 years after I first saw her, she is still stunning. Another well preserved model. Here is a photo of her from the 2009 American Ballet Theater's Spring Gala. Look at how she stands out in this crowd. Excellent dress choice.
Still a goddess. Not to mention accomplished business woman.
And a mother to a beautiful young girl. I have no doubt that Iman will raise her daughter to be just as elegant and refined as she is.
Some gratuitous shots of her out and about in NYC. Great scarf!
She looks soft, feminine and yet still playful.
They don't make models like they used to. Nowadays they are mostly homogenous clones from Eastern Europe that are replaceable and forgettable. Even the mega models now seem to have lost the air of glamour and mystery (Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum).
What a woman.