Monday, November 30, 2009

No Desire for Desiree

I have never cared much for Desiree Rogers. I did not know her prior to taking her post as the Social Secretary under the Obama administration. But in the short time that she has been in the role I have always felt she could be more of a liability than an asset. I noticed immediately that she seems to be in this position to further her own ambitions. I mean sitting front row at NY fashion week, articles and spreads dedicated to her in the WSJ and Vogue.

It is so incredibly upsetting that all anyone is talking about after the Obama's first State dinner are these party crashers, when the dinner was an otherwise success. It is interesting how no one has noted that this gaffe should absolutely fall on the social secretary.

She attended the first State Dinner as a GUEST. A GUEST. Excuse me but shouldn't she have been working? Ensuring that all goes well? She thought this was another opportunity to bask in the spotlight she so obviously craves. I already have mentioned how I feel about the awful, inappropriate, look-at-me Comme de Garcons dress that she wore. The fact that she selected that tells you a story. She wants to be talked about. But not for the right reasons.
So maybe she should have been allowed to attend as a guest so long as someone capable was there doing the due diligence as pertaining to the guests. Well there was once a woman in charge of these things named Cathy Hargraves but she resigned last year. She was specifically in charge of the invitations of state dinner guests and keeping track of their RSVPs, sometimes physically standing at the door to cross-check names against a list. Did Desiree not see the need for this woman or someone to replace her? Or was she too busy sifting through fashion week invites and fielding calls for interviews about herself?

I can’t remember any previous social secretary as ubiquitous as she is. And that is not a good thing. Do I need to remind you of the screw ups with the gifts from the Obama's to the Queen of England?

But everyone is blaming the secret service for crashergate. They certainly played a part in this mess but the total blame should not fall on them.

No more mistakes guys. The public is cruel and cannot wait to knock this President that they built up right back down. No more bowing down to foreign heads of states. No more typos on the menus for State Dinner. And for God's sake Michelle no more GIANT BELTS!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Michelle's Best

This is the best I have ever seen Michele Obama do evening wear. I like this Naeem Khan dress and look better than the Peter Soronen dress she wore to the Governor's Dinner. That was initially my favorite evening look on her. I think the colors on the Naeem Khan dress are so flattering, the shawl softens the look up. I also like her bare neckline and updo. Last but certainly not least. IT FITS amazingly! You know how I feel about fit!

Michele in the Peter Soronen dress that I also loved on her.

Ummm No

Desiree Rogers at the White House State Dinner hosting the Indian Prime Minister. I don't think the White House social secretary should be in such an edgy dress. It is Comme des Garcons. Some edge is fine and differentiating herself from the Social secretaries of the past is cool. But she looks like a mummy!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Battle of the Brunettes

I always confuse these three dark hair beauties. Do you also have that issue?
This is Hilary Rhoda. She is a 22 year old super model and vogue favorite.
This is Julia Restoin Roitfeld. She is the 29 year old daughter of Carinne Roitfeld the editor in chief of French Vogue. She is also a model.
Finally Bee Shaffer. Anna Wintour's 22 year old daughter. She wanted to be a lawyer but I hear she is currently working for a multi media production company.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'll Have What She's Having!

Can we discuss how amazing Christie Brinkley looks? She is 55 years old and unstoppable. Look at her incredible figure, long hair and beautiful face. Such a welcome departure from the pulled back faces that one sees on so many older New York women.
She looks better in that Ralph Lauren dress than I would and I am literally half her age. Thank God I have started working out again. She is almost convincing me to try vegetarianism and that Total Gym Machine she used to hawk on late night TV with Chuck Norris.

One of the things I love to see is long hair on older women. Hers is a perfect, feminine, youthful length.
Go Christie!!

Here We Go Again

Blake Lively in short shorts and her goodies on display. Someone organize an intervention. Blake honey put the babies away! That jacket would be so cute if it was more covered up. I mean look at that charming bow! The texture, the cut...if only I wasn't so distracted by her chest!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

CMA Awards

I suppose LeAnn is trying an edgy look to go along with her scandalous new persona. I like the dress a lot. But the eyes are too much and I wish she wore different shoes.
Once again I like this David Meister dress. Though I feel it would have looked better on someone else. It ages Kelly Pickler here.

Jennifer Nettles is Perfection below. Fit Fit Fit. Looking great is ALL about fit. It fits her marvellously.

Nicole Kidman. I don't like what this dress is doing to her breasts.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Santa Baby...

I really want this bag to show up under my Christmas Tree....I haven't figured out what approach to take with the boyfriend. Shower him with sweetness or guilt him into getting it for me...What if I took a business transaction approach and told him I would be willing to go halfsies on it...
Probably not! Because that would be terribly unromantic. Lord knows I love romance and fantasy. I will let you know on December 26th if I succeeded!

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem....

I know I am a little late but I hate hate hate the seasonal closet switch out. I finally completely brought out all my fall/winter clothes and shoes and packed away my summer brights. These are the spring shoes that are being put away for the next 6 months. I will miss you girls!! Looking at my babies piled high like this I realize I probably should never buy another shoe again...

Best $50 I Ever Spent

Considering that I get most of my clothes at sample sales or utilizing my company discount they never usually cost me a lot of money. So I have a hard time justifying spending $15 to dry clean a skirt that I probably paid $50 for...Usually I send my clothes to the cleaners because they are actually more wrinkled than dirty...Of course I could walk five blocks north or 2 avenues east to get a better rate, but lets get real, I am too lazy and not that motivated. What's a girl to do? I bought this Rowenta hand held steamer at Bed Bath and Beyond!! I think it cost about $50, I can't remember. Anyway I just pulled out all my fall/winter clothes and they were clean but wrinkled from being stored away for so long. They just needed a quick steaming to bring them back to life. No more $15 cleanings for an already clean skirt.