Friday, October 30, 2009

Number 1 Stunna

Chanel Iman is a goddess! Whether she is in evening, party or casual attire, she looks captivating. So impressed with this lovely young woman!

I guess we can't all be Einstein....

I try so hard to defend Kelly Killoren Bensimon because I thinks she is pretty and I like to believe that she's misunderstood. But she makes it very hard for me to defend her when she speaks. Take a gander at the below excerpts from a interview.

How do you and your daughters communicate during the day?
I bought my older daughter a Blackberry because I think that people who can send clever BBMs, that's a sign of intelligence, versus just rambling. I'm trying to get her to think in a different way, to speak and write in short sound bites and be witty.

What do you love most about being a mom?
Everything about it is the best part. I'm not traditional. I mean, I don't raise my kids in a traditional way. I don't put them in the corner. I'm like, "Talk to me." I'm constantly pushing them to be better and do unusual things. One of my daughters wrote her own book when she was four; the other made her own magazine when she was seven. I want my kids to be big thinkers.

So she's not that bright but does the lady get points for trying? We all can't be Einstein right?

Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots are all the rage at the moment. I think they are hard to pull off. Take a look at some hits and misses below:

Kim looks the best so far:
Oh Tyra...
OK I get that this one is a Halloween costume but still!
I feel like they're especially not flattering if one has thick thighs but Alicia looks pretty good in them on the left. Don't care for the look on the right.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thandie Newton

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than Thandie Newton? I absolutely worship this woman. I love her sophisticated and elegant style. I love her simple make up and long, lithe frame. Her young daughter is very fortunate.

Beauty and The Beast

I hate that this title sounds mean because it isn't meant to be. I just love couples where a beautiful, impossibly stylish woman is coupled with a simpler and not as good looking man.

Take a look at Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein. Some of us may wonder what she sees in him and think its the money, but I imagine he is very kind to her and takes great care of her. I also like to imagine that he appreciates how stylish she is and loves that she takes the pain to look her best.
Here is Sylvana Soto Ward and her new husband Adam Durrett. Now I think he is cute and quite sweet looking. I also love the idea of a simple, cute preppy and a stunning, exotic fashionista! So sweet. He must really appreciate sitting at a restaurant and watching her walk into the room. Knowing she is coming to meet him, sit with him, go home with him. Maybe I have romanticized it but I imagine it is a relationship of people who appreciate each other. She appreciates his caring and he appreciates that she chose him!
Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour and telecommunications mogul Shelby Bryan. Anna has a reputation for being attracted to brilliant, successful men. It certainly can't be the money because she was brought up quite nicely and has made a very nice life for herself. I imagine it is the appreciation of not feeling like the toughest one, the most powerful one, the boss all the time. Someone like her who is probably used to people falling all over themselves to please her must love going home and not being the head all the time. I like the idea of women as intoxicating and mesmerizing creatures, and not just because I am a woman! Some think appreciating beauty is shallow and superficial but I think appreciating the beauty of a woman is akin to appreciating the beauty in a great painting, architecture or a nice garden. Occassionaly you just take a step back and look. Take it all in. You love it more if it belongs to you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Alexis Clarke

I really admire Alexis Clarke. She is an editor at Town and Country and always looks so elegant and well put together at parties and events around the City. I want to see more of her! She was wearing bold red lipstick before it came back into style. Clear indication that she is a classic!

Rachel Roy

Glad to see Rachel Roy in a form fitting dress. She usually covers up and I love this dress on her.


Awww. This is a beautiful photograph of the First Family. Malia and Sasha are growing into beautiful young ladies.

Dangerous Lengths

That is a dangerous dress length on Jules Kirby right here. I would love it on myself if it was about 6 inches longer. She's also boldly rocking the clashing shoes.


I know no one is perfect but I think Georgina Chapman is pretty darn close. I am going through a long hair moment right now and especially appreciate when women over 30 rock it!


Great Necklace and just an amazing ensable on Zani Guggleman

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Problem with Jennifer Aniston

Yes Jennifer, you are a beautiful, talented and super successful actress. But I don't have the kindest feelings toward you. You have no control of your image as the gossip rags have conditioned us all to feel sorry for you. Here is what I think you need to do darling:

Stop Talking about your personal life including Brad and Angelina. The Vanity Fair interview was enough. No matter how much a reporter tries to get it out of you, don't take the bait. You won't win. They are having so much fun with this sad Jen story and you are aiding it. No more comments about comments. After Angelina hinted that they fell in love when you two were married, you shouldn't have told the reporter at Vogue that it was "uncool." Well all know it was uncool. You don't have to voice it. No comments about how happy you are being alone. We don't believe you.

I hate the way you rebounded. I know you're thinking, well where does one go after Brad Pitt. But John Mayer? Really? For Lessons on how to rebound see Uma Thurman. She went from Ethan "D List" Hawke to mega mogul Andre Balazs to HOT international financier Arki "I used to date Elle McPhereson" Busson. That is how to rebound when you are on the A- list. Not with some boy toy player type. Or if Uma's taste is too serious and intimidating then how about taking a gander at how Reese Witherspoon rebounded from pretty but silly Ryan Phillipe. She moved on to the young, hot and domestic Jake Gylenhall.

Go for a guy who will worship you and spoil you like Uma did, or a guy that will idolize you like Reese did. No more boy toys. No more rumours about you and Gerard "I am loving the spotlight" Butler. No rumours about my ex-crush Bradley "I am loving the attention on my way to the A list" Cooper. They are users. You are a bigger star than they are and they love the attention.

At this point Jen, maybe you should consider dating a successful agent or Hollywood attorney. Someone that is successful in a field different than you and isn't trying to up his star power and see his name in tabloids.

The GQ cover looked desperate.

You're better than that my dear.

Get Your "Groove" On

A few months ago I was at a Total Body Conditioning class at my gym and my instructor looked incredible in her work out pants. I noticed that they were Lulu Lemon. I spent some time there last weekend and discovered the Groove Pant. They are amazing. It has a durable fabric and is incredibly shapely around my hips and butt. I thought I looked pretty sexy in them and couldnt take them off at home as I cleaned and ran errands. My boyfriend loved them as well, so I KNOW they are sexy. Plus the store will hem them free of charge if they are too long. If you like to look good while you work out I suggest you try them!

Why Does Blake Lively Always Dress So Suggestively?

She is young, beautiful and talented. But her clothes choices seem to make her look, I hate to say it but desperate. I know she is quite proud of the fact that she doesnt have a stylist but there is a reason they exist.

Here is a photo of her from Denise Rich's Angel Ball Benefit in a short skirt.

Here is a photo of her Emmy's dress. Very low cut and plenty of cleavage.

And oh by the way a very high slit
The dress is also open in the back. One shouldn't do all three. Pick either cleavage or a slit or an open back. But not all three.

Here are photos of her from the Costume Institue Ball. Backless
And once again, cleavage and a high slit.

Finally her dress at the Golden globes was too tight.
Just looking for an explantaion. Sexy is great but sometimes it can be too much

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Olivia Palermo

I think Olivia is absolutely perfect looking. Despite all attempts to make her look desperate or reaching, I love the way she carries herself. She plays a villain on "The City" and aren't they always the most fun?

I love her jewelry, hair and makeup!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Anna the Powerful

Anna Wintour was the only woman to make New York Magazine's List of the Most powerful New Yorkers. Let the hero worship continue. Viva Anna!!

"I Can't Have It So No One Else Can!"

Robin Givahn practically reads my mind when she describes one reason the fashion industry has once again come under fire rather unfairly:

"It's always a bit discombobulating when people raise their voices in anger because they've gotten wind that designers are making and selling $25,000 dresses. After all, it's not as if the existence of a dress that costs as much as a car negates the availability of cute $25 frocks at Target. And it isn't as though edicts have been issued that all women must now dress like one of the superheroes on Balenciaga's runway.

For personal and sometimes tortured reasons -- I can't have it so no one else can! -- observers declare that they just don't understand the attraction of these strange and expensive clothes. That would be a fair argument if those same complainers lashed out at people who spend thousands of dollars on Redskins season tickets, vintage wines, first-edition books or midlife-crisis cars. But those industries don't stir nearly as much ire from people who are uninterested in them.
Everyone has a passion that is lost on others. And to be fair to the fashion industry: It may be struggling, but so far, no government has had to bail it out."

Well said. I love her.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quite Impressive

Katie Cassidy

Sunni Spencer on The City

Sunni Spencer, senior buyer at Bergdorf Goodman looked marvelous on The City last Monday. I need her necklace ASAP.

"Neglectful Motherhood"

I know this is old news but I couldn't help but comment. Many weren't so thrilled with the theme of "neglectful motherhood" in I think it was the July Italian Vogue. We at Stylegazer think that Anja looked impossibly chic and the photos were very funny. Lighten up its just fashion!