Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why Does Blake Lively Always Dress So Suggestively?

She is young, beautiful and talented. But her clothes choices seem to make her look, I hate to say it but desperate. I know she is quite proud of the fact that she doesnt have a stylist but there is a reason they exist.

Here is a photo of her from Denise Rich's Angel Ball Benefit in a short skirt.

Here is a photo of her Emmy's dress. Very low cut and plenty of cleavage.

And oh by the way a very high slit
The dress is also open in the back. One shouldn't do all three. Pick either cleavage or a slit or an open back. But not all three.

Here are photos of her from the Costume Institue Ball. Backless
And once again, cleavage and a high slit.

Finally her dress at the Golden globes was too tight.
Just looking for an explantaion. Sexy is great but sometimes it can be too much

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  1. If only more women would follow Blake's lead. Men would be happier. We'd probably have fewer wars. But that last one from the Oscars is bad. She looks like a sausage bursting its casing.