Friday, October 30, 2009

I guess we can't all be Einstein....

I try so hard to defend Kelly Killoren Bensimon because I thinks she is pretty and I like to believe that she's misunderstood. But she makes it very hard for me to defend her when she speaks. Take a gander at the below excerpts from a interview.

How do you and your daughters communicate during the day?
I bought my older daughter a Blackberry because I think that people who can send clever BBMs, that's a sign of intelligence, versus just rambling. I'm trying to get her to think in a different way, to speak and write in short sound bites and be witty.

What do you love most about being a mom?
Everything about it is the best part. I'm not traditional. I mean, I don't raise my kids in a traditional way. I don't put them in the corner. I'm like, "Talk to me." I'm constantly pushing them to be better and do unusual things. One of my daughters wrote her own book when she was four; the other made her own magazine when she was seven. I want my kids to be big thinkers.

So she's not that bright but does the lady get points for trying? We all can't be Einstein right?

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