Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Problem with Jennifer Aniston

Yes Jennifer, you are a beautiful, talented and super successful actress. But I don't have the kindest feelings toward you. You have no control of your image as the gossip rags have conditioned us all to feel sorry for you. Here is what I think you need to do darling:

Stop Talking about your personal life including Brad and Angelina. The Vanity Fair interview was enough. No matter how much a reporter tries to get it out of you, don't take the bait. You won't win. They are having so much fun with this sad Jen story and you are aiding it. No more comments about comments. After Angelina hinted that they fell in love when you two were married, you shouldn't have told the reporter at Vogue that it was "uncool." Well all know it was uncool. You don't have to voice it. No comments about how happy you are being alone. We don't believe you.

I hate the way you rebounded. I know you're thinking, well where does one go after Brad Pitt. But John Mayer? Really? For Lessons on how to rebound see Uma Thurman. She went from Ethan "D List" Hawke to mega mogul Andre Balazs to HOT international financier Arki "I used to date Elle McPhereson" Busson. That is how to rebound when you are on the A- list. Not with some boy toy player type. Or if Uma's taste is too serious and intimidating then how about taking a gander at how Reese Witherspoon rebounded from pretty but silly Ryan Phillipe. She moved on to the young, hot and domestic Jake Gylenhall.

Go for a guy who will worship you and spoil you like Uma did, or a guy that will idolize you like Reese did. No more boy toys. No more rumours about you and Gerard "I am loving the spotlight" Butler. No rumours about my ex-crush Bradley "I am loving the attention on my way to the A list" Cooper. They are users. You are a bigger star than they are and they love the attention.

At this point Jen, maybe you should consider dating a successful agent or Hollywood attorney. Someone that is successful in a field different than you and isn't trying to up his star power and see his name in tabloids.

The GQ cover looked desperate.

You're better than that my dear.

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