Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beauty and The Beast

I hate that this title sounds mean because it isn't meant to be. I just love couples where a beautiful, impossibly stylish woman is coupled with a simpler and not as good looking man.

Take a look at Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein. Some of us may wonder what she sees in him and think its the money, but I imagine he is very kind to her and takes great care of her. I also like to imagine that he appreciates how stylish she is and loves that she takes the pain to look her best.
Here is Sylvana Soto Ward and her new husband Adam Durrett. Now I think he is cute and quite sweet looking. I also love the idea of a simple, cute preppy and a stunning, exotic fashionista! So sweet. He must really appreciate sitting at a restaurant and watching her walk into the room. Knowing she is coming to meet him, sit with him, go home with him. Maybe I have romanticized it but I imagine it is a relationship of people who appreciate each other. She appreciates his caring and he appreciates that she chose him!
Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour and telecommunications mogul Shelby Bryan. Anna has a reputation for being attracted to brilliant, successful men. It certainly can't be the money because she was brought up quite nicely and has made a very nice life for herself. I imagine it is the appreciation of not feeling like the toughest one, the most powerful one, the boss all the time. Someone like her who is probably used to people falling all over themselves to please her must love going home and not being the head all the time. I like the idea of women as intoxicating and mesmerizing creatures, and not just because I am a woman! Some think appreciating beauty is shallow and superficial but I think appreciating the beauty of a woman is akin to appreciating the beauty in a great painting, architecture or a nice garden. Occassionaly you just take a step back and look. Take it all in. You love it more if it belongs to you.

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