Sunday, November 8, 2009

Best $50 I Ever Spent

Considering that I get most of my clothes at sample sales or utilizing my company discount they never usually cost me a lot of money. So I have a hard time justifying spending $15 to dry clean a skirt that I probably paid $50 for...Usually I send my clothes to the cleaners because they are actually more wrinkled than dirty...Of course I could walk five blocks north or 2 avenues east to get a better rate, but lets get real, I am too lazy and not that motivated. What's a girl to do? I bought this Rowenta hand held steamer at Bed Bath and Beyond!! I think it cost about $50, I can't remember. Anyway I just pulled out all my fall/winter clothes and they were clean but wrinkled from being stored away for so long. They just needed a quick steaming to bring them back to life. No more $15 cleanings for an already clean skirt.

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