Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rich Man's Wife

Catherine Zeta Jones is the gold standard by which all trophy wives should be held. She is refined, elegant and pleasant looking.

Look at how she appears to worship her husband.
She makes her husband look better! Look at how she enhances their wedding photo. (See my previous post called "Beauty and The Beast.") They personify the concept of the simple man and his breathtaking woman.
She looks so spoiled without looking too flashy. Take a look at her interpretation of street wear.

She is feminine and chic. Her face framing fur, pulled back hair, the way she is holding the leash, down to the little white dog!

Always soft looking. Touchable.
All trophy wives take note. Also make sure to follow her lead when signing that pre nup, she had a cheating clause put in so she got more money if he cheated. I hope Elin Nordegren did this.


  1. I have always loved CZJ. I think she epitomizes BEAUTY. Some women are pretty, cute or hot/sexy looking but SHE is beautiful.

  2. Indeed. She is a paragon of beauty.