Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Belted Bore

I'd like to start this post by saying that I like Michelle Obama. She seems like an intelligent and kind woman. So this isn't the usual obvious haterade being thrown at her. But I am really OVER the giant belt. She belts almost everything it seems. I am a big believer in accentuating the positive and I know that her waist is small and she is trying to do that. She is also trying to add some edge or character to her outfits and sometimes tries to use a belt to pull an outfit together, but sometimes the belt looks a bit jarring. It also takes away some of the elegance and makes our Première Lady look like a one trick pony.

Was the belt really necessary in the garden?

Cute but overwhelming. A thin brown belt would have been effective.

Completely unnecessary on a form fitting sweater.

Too much going on. And once again not needed.

It gave too much edge to what would have been a very soft and elegant outfit.

Distracting and unrefined.

Not needed. She has dumbed down what would have been an elegant outfit.

I think there are more subtle ways to cinch the waist. More delicate belting options. She has gotten it right in some instances.
Here the yellow belt compliments the dress, it isn't jarring.

This red situation is so beautifully done. I can't tell if it is a belt or if it is part of the dress but it has the same effect of a belt without drawing attention away from the dress.

This ribbon option is feminine and elegant. Just adorable.

Besides she doesn't NEED the belts. Her small waist can be seen without the need of a cinching apparatus. Below are several examples of her waist being cinched using fine tailoring or different dress silhouettes.

Fine tailoring doing the job.

A wrap dress shows off a tight waist.

Fine tailoring doing the job.

She doesn't need belts to show off her physique. In this empire dress which would be unforgiving on most, she still appears thin.

Fine tailoring doing the job

So whoever is styling or dressing Michelle, please take note. You don't want her outfits to solicit eye rolls from people who once loved her style. What was once fresh and exciting has now become gimmicky and boring.
Photos courtesy of The Michelle Obama Look Book on NYMAG.COM

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