Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes 2010- The Unoriginals.

Why does Lea Michele in this dress remind me of Penelope Cruz??? I swear I feel like I have seen Penelope in this dress/look before.

Is this the dress I am thinking of? If there is another please post it in comments but I swear I have seen her in a dress similar to Lea's above.

Kate's dress reminds me of Nicole's from years ago on top at least. And I dislike the shoes.


  1. Are you thinking of the oscar de la renta dress that jennifer garner wore in 2008? this is lisa by the way :-),,20182239_20181980_20419438,00.html

  2. I think the Oscar on Jen Garner is indeed what I had in mind. Of course you u knew what I was talking about Lisa! Something about the black and lace. It all looks so similar. Gorgeous but similar...