Friday, January 15, 2010

Sort of Confused.

Why is Jessica Biel on the cover of Vogue?? THE COVER guys. Not an inside spread. THE COVER. What has she been in that was relevant recently or that is coming up. Don't say Valentine's Day.
But there are much better actresses to put on your cover like Emily Blunt or Zoe Saldana. Zoe is in the biggest movie in years! I know the magazines are done way in advance, but everyone knew Avatar was going to be huge. Isn't Vogue supposed to have incredible foresight?

Couldn't they relegate Jessica to the not as important January issue? They put Rachel McAdams, a MUCH better and well loved actress on the cover of the January issue. Looking heinous I might add. Forgive me because I LOVE Rachel McAdams, I just know that she could have looked soooo much better.

Anyway the reason she was given the cover is because Anna loves Justin Timberlake, Jessica's boyfriend. Remember they co-chaired the Costume Institute Gala last year. On a positive note, I do think it is very sweet and unbelievably supportive of Justin to hook his girlfriend up with such a prestigious score. I have dated one or two connected guys and they certainly did not do anything like that for me...

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