Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammys 2010

I am impressed with what I have seen tonight at the Grammys. Some women look simply beautiful and others look glamorous with a nice amount of risk taking and edge grazing.

I never paid much attention to Keri Hilson but her face is really pretty and I really really like the dress. It fits nicely and the color is magic against her skin.
Lea Michele has really been impressing me lately. Even though I thought her black dress at the Emmys wasn't very original. She looked amazing at the SAGs and now wonderful at the Grammys. The dress is beautiful, sexy and still fun. Perfect for her age too.

This is a crazy dress but I still think it is pretty.

Taylor Swift is a little too syrupy sweet for my liking. But I thought she looked excellent in her blue dress.

Wow J Lo. She is trying to come back hard. She looks incredible. The long thing in front is weird but its the Grammys, beautiful weirdness is allowed and encouraged!

I think in my life I have been very hard on Fergie. I am softening up on her. She really works hard and seems to be married to a cad. Anyway she looked great in her little blue dress. These famous women have bodies to kill.
Another beauty I never pay attention to is Ciara. Her face is flawless.
Is it strange that I am fond of this Givenchy? On her at least. I would never wear it but I like it on her.

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