Saturday, January 30, 2010

Queen of Glam Casual Chic

You know who I think has great personal style? Nicky Hilton. She always looks stylish and current in well fitting clothes with clean lines. What I like about her is that her clothes aren't really that complicated but she puts them together in a very modern, almost edgy way. I can tell you where she bought almost everything she is wearing below which shows they aren't crazy and obscure brands and that makes her relateable to me. But she takes it to another level with the way that she styles herself. Please note how she always carries a SERIOUS bag.

Sick boots, Balenciaga motorcycle bag.
So simple and so chic in just three great pieces. A dress, bag and shoes.
I LOVE this look below. So simple and yet glam. I could NEVER pull it off. Casual glam: White shirt, jean shorts, Hermes belt, Louboutin ankle boots.

Casual Glam. White tee, jeans and oh yea, a Goyard Bag.
Obviously carrying a jumbo Chanel with her tank and washed jeans.

Simple and pretty. Great color!

This is one of her more complicated ensembles. By complicated I mean I can count more than four things on her. Usually she never wears more than four pieces, meaning the dress, bag, shoes and maybe a sweater. Or top, bottom, shoes and bag. Below she has way more than usual. But still adorable, no?

Back to the simple four piece look. Love the Louboutin boots.

She is the Queen of casual glam with her Hermes bag.
My favorite shots of her are the paparazzi shots as she carries on with her day because I feel they give the best glimpse of her taste and personal style.

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