Friday, January 29, 2010

What's Going On?

Below are photos from backstage at fashion week in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The models look like Holocaust victims from Schindler's List. I say that without a hint of sarcasm. How is this beautiful? Doesn't the word "model" imply a standard? A paragon of perfection? The image below is not perfect. It is ugly. It is sad and disgusting. Where have we gone as people that this is now acceptable? That people in the industry, agents, photographers, stylists and designers have mandated that this is how models should look?

I do believe that models should be thin and the clothes look better on thin women. But the models above are starving. Clothes do not look good on women who look like they are sick and sad. I don't think seeing bones through the material looks nice.

Look at the supermodels of the 90's below. They were my idols growing up. They were thin but they don't look like they were starving (though they might have been). They do not look sick.

Photos of Gisele below. She is absolutely thin in these pics. But she does not look sick.

This post is not about young girls and how emaciated models may give them an eating disorder. No, this is about how fashion is supposed to be about beauty and an ideal. The skeletal models are not beautiful and should not represent the ideal for that fact alone. What kind of people are allowing this epidemic to go on? People who do not like women. The more these types of skeletons show up on runways the more we should examine the people who are perpetuating that standard. No more focus should be put on the models who are literally dying to make a living. The spotlight should be shone on the people who are hiring them. Silently demanding that they DIE for fashion.

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  1. "The spotlight should be shone on the people who are hiring them. Silently demanding that they DIE for fashion."

    SO TRUE! You're a great writer, girl!! And your fashion insights are really fun to read. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two - my sister seems to think I need it :)